Knowing how to “play well with others” is not a maxim just for kindergarteners; it’s meaningful for adults, too. Organizations must stay engaged with their employees as well as their clients, yet navigating those relationships can be murky given the varying perspectives of others. iGenCo Relationship Management Training provides the navigation tools, making it easier to conduct business and generate revenue.


The 21st century workplace is constantly evolving, to include its most precious resource– its human capital. Human capital in the workplace– whether it be a brick and mortar workplace or a remote one– is now comprised of five generations– The Silent Generation, The Boomers, The Gen X’ers, The Millenials, and now, the iGen. With varying generations comes varying experience, perspectives, ways of “doing,” and ideation. iGenCo’s Intergenerational Connection Training helps participants learn how to embrace difference from age and harness the power of each generation in order to improve trust among employees (and clients) and increase productivity within the organization.


Curiosity, like other skills, can be cultivated and developed through practice.

Seeing people and situations with curiosity facilitates creativity, innovation, and learning. These capabilities are key ingredients for getting work done in the multigenerational 21st century workplace.

Curiosity and Managing Creatively Programming teaches practices that facilitate employees development of curious behaviors that contribute to business results by boosting problem-solving skills, fostering teamwork, and improving customer relationships.

Leaders managing for curiosity raises the necessity to develop and practice innovative leadership skills. We offer practices that leaders can use to harness the power of curious employees.


Creating an engaging and positive work environment doesn’t happen on its own. It happens with intention and attention.

Workplaces are meant to bring people together around a common cause but certain behaviors interrupt progress and potential. Connecting people from various walks of life and with differing perspectives require leadership and teamwork skills that must be learned.

Enriching Corporate Culture Programming offers important practices for improving trust and acting with kindness, resulting in individuals who are better equipped for collaboration and problem-solving.


“I am another you” – Rumi. Health is personal and individual. Our training emphasizes understanding and connecting to the human sameness within and between us.

Connecting and Caregiving Programming teaches practices for boosting communication skills, empowering and developing others, and initiating compassionate action with an aim to engender empathic interactions.


Good decision making takes discipline and clear understanding of purpose. Successful companies and people cultivate goals and stay focused on results– acting with intention and purpose.

Intentional Decision-Making Programming offers participants opportunity to articulate and practice acting with purpose, to recognize purpose in others, and to use their newfound awareness to sharpen team and decision-making processes.

Leaders-in-development will benefit from this training by learning new techniques for developing others, managing performance, and attending to goal-decision symmetry and care (strategic thinking).


Building a diverse workplace requires an inclusive work culture and thoughtful and intentional discussion.

Diversity and Inclusion Programming focuses attention on the many ways of knowing and understanding ourselves so that we might examine how we hold assumptions and beliefs which inform our behaviors and those of others. We teach participants the practices needed to exemplify and expand their personal leadership.

Participants are invited to step beyond talking about what they think or feel, to learn new practices for interpersonal awareness, communication, and collaboration skills that support and promote an inclusive work culture.

An inclusive workplace culture makes it easier to hire and retain talent, for diverse teams to perform, and to understand and serve customers.

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