What It Is

Conflicts, disagreements, and differences of opinion are a normal part of everyday life, human relationships, and organizational culture. The ability to recognize and respond to conflicts equitably and effectively is a critical 21st century skill that contributes to both business success and personal satisfaction.

The goal of training in conflict management is for individuals and communities to explore their own conflict assumptions, behaviors and cultures, and to develop intentional conflict practices to address conflicts for the benefit of team performance and organizational effectiveness.

Delivery Formats

There are two formats for Conflict Management training. Both formats use signature FaceAge approaches to stimulate discussion, challenge perceptions, foster introspection and build awareness of a range of differences that may give rise to disputes and conflict.

In the 3-4 hour format, participants build awareness of differences, identify how assumptions influence conflict and explore how self-image impacts their approaches to resolving conflict.

In the 7-8 hour format, participants build awareness of differences, explore how assumptions and identity influence conflict, develop foundational skills for managing conflict and learn how to identify and frame interests along with other methodologies for resolving conflict.

Learning Engagements

We offer a variety of Experiential Learning Packages. Programs range in price depending on the number of participants and facilitators involved, the length of the experiential learning session, the depth of coverage, and take-home materials. Contact us today for your customized quote.

Principal Researcher / Developer

Celia Cook-Huffman

Celia Cook-Huffman, Ph.D is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College where she holds a Supported Professorship in Conflict Resolution. She has served as the Associate Director of the Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and Director of Baker Mediation Services. Her background combines peace studies with specialized training and education in conflict transformation, nonviolence, gender, and mediation.

The focus of her teaching and consulting work is on understanding conflict dynamics in interpersonal, organizational, inter-group and international contexts. Her work involves the critical exploration of the role of conflict in the human community, seeking to understand when and how conflicts are necessary and productive and how to respond effectively to the destructive aspects of conflict. Her work explores how to respond to the violence and pain of conflict in ways that minimize damage and enhance the potential for transformative growth and change; how to create and sustain conflict practices that build sustainable communities that are responsive to both individual and communal needs for justice, equality, identity and security. Her work is based on the assumption that conflict is essential to knowing and understanding ourselves and others, and when done well the exploration and negotiation of challenging differences has the potential to spark creativity and positive change.

Dr. Cook-Huffman is a consultant for both public and private organizations. Her consulting work includes conflict transformation and change management, conflict resolution training, dispute resolution systems design, systems analysis, leadership training, and assessing gender dynamics in conflict.

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