In addition to building customized programming, we also offer off-the-shelf workshops. Off-the-shelf workshops can be lead by a Knowted facilitator or by someone from your organization.

Intergenerational Connections in the Workplace
Knowted’s Intergenerational Connections in the Workplace helps participants learn how to embrace difference from age and harness the power of each generation in order to improve trust among employees (and clients) and increase productivity within the organization.

Social-Emotional Selling Skills (SElling Skills)
Knowted’s SElling Skills Programming teaches strategies for active-listening and problem solving that helps your sales team become relationship-builders who provide value and winning solutions for your customers.

Conflict Management
Conflict Management Programming is for individuals and communities to explore their own conflict assumptions, behaviors and cultures, and to develop intentional conflict practices to address conflicts for the benefit of team performance and organizational effectiveness.

Team Dynamics and Corporate Culture
Team Dynamics and Corporate Culture Programming offers important practices for improving trust and acting with kindness, resulting in individuals who are better equipped for collaboration and problem-solving.

QI Skills
QI (pronounced ‘key’) Skills are a newly defined set of “soft” non-cognitive, social emotional life (SEL) and other skills that people need to succeed in a 21st century society.

Knowted and Dr. Jana are developing a compelling curriculum that will awaken adults to the importance of these skills for success, help them better understand where they may have gaps in these important areas, and offer practical evidence-informed strategies for developing and strengthening the skills needed to be a better co-worker, manager, teacher and self.

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Re-Humanizing The Workplace

Experiential training designed to provide practical skills that increase sales, service, teamwork, and the delivery of quality care.

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